Monday, February 1, 2010

Sun shiney.

Nothing terribly interesting over here.
I spent all weekend studying. Which is good because I am pretty much caught up now.
I went into the Navy to talk to them about my options there. Very unprofessional and unhelpful. I went home after "speaking" with them and studied more. I looked on the Army website and found a number for the California ROTC. I then got the number for the UC Davis ROTC head. 
I think I spoke to one of the most amazing women in the Army! She was very personable. I was able to ask her a ton of questions. She told me some of the things that will disqualify me (asthma, mental health problems...). I reluctantly asked her "how about tattoos?" she asked me what I had I told her my chest and arms. I could hear her as I was telling her sigh of relief. She said to me "Oh! (she possibly said honey), I have my arms and legs tattoos, the Army likes their ladies a little rough." I almost died!! This woman is a Captain! Nothing that couldn't be covered with a uniform of course. I just thought it was the coolest thing. I have spoken to Sacramento State's ROTC person before. He was a drab guy that was very discouraging. This lady must have so many people signing up to be officers due to her amazing personality alone!
I really like Oregon. But it would be a nice and easy transition to go over to UC Davis. I am torn still about doing psychology or history. I asked her about people doing history and the Army. It sounds like I would document a lot of things for military US history. Example. There is a unit of Archivists attached to a unit giving aid in Haiti. Sounds exciting!

In other news. Friday I am going to go down to Davis and see my cousin Avalon's twenties presentation.

She is the coolest 16 year old ever. Well, a neat person in general. She goes to this amazing high school. It's super hands on learning. The kids are total geeks! I would have fit in so well when I was that age. I wish they had a school like that when I was younger. My education history would be so much better! Av just finished statistics class. I am doing pre algebra/algebra. So Sunday she is going to help me a little. Probably a lot. She struggles with math like I do. I am pretty excited.

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