Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dear bloggers I follow.

Thank you.
Since my break up it seems that I keep running into this particular path.
I keep coming back to being completely amazed by women.
I feel that in my life right now it is very important that I take time I learn, appreciate, teach, collaborate everything with fellow women.
I believe that a feminist has been lurking underneath my tough tom-boy exterior for quite some time and I need to let her out. I think that women are stronger than men (in different ways of course). There are so many amazing things about women and I feel that I get to experience them right here through my blog. I am just so appreciative about that!

I really enjoy the way Ann Marie has people give 10 reasons they love being a woman over at I am an age old Tree.
You ladies are all so amazing and strong to me. Your creative artists through all the great crafts I am able to learn about (listing them would be another post in itself). I feel I am slowly finding my own femininity through watching yours, makes you feel kindred even though you don't know each other doesn't it?

Danielle's blog over at Sometimes Sweet is one of the first blogs I started following. She really inspired me that just because I am tattooed does not make me less feminine or unintelligent (or any of the stereotypes really). She has Tattoo Tuesday which is great! Mostly showcasing other amazing tattooed ladies. I am still gathering photos to submit for my very own Tattoo Tuesday! I love seeing really "normal" fantastic women who just happen to have a bunch of tattoos. Makes me not hate mine so much. Maybe even makes me want to get tattooed again.

Not to mention the ladies in my own personal life. My mom, Auntie Cliva, Connie (my hero), Moody Bruise aka Siam (amazing lady in general), Dirty Penny Aka Erin (who is a knitting genius!), J'amie Janelle, My cousin Avalon (smartest girl next to Connie I may have met my entire life!).

I appreciate lady friends everyday!


  1. I'm glad blogging has provided that for you!

  2. I love Ann Marie! I believe she actually lives in Sacramento.

  3. You are so sweet! :) Thank you for saying such nice things. <333