Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quel Tragic!

 When I originally started my blog I wanted to make it about Proper etiquette for the 21st century crowed. I didn't feel I was a credible source enough to weigh in on that so I scraped the idea. I am now taking that decision back!

2 years ago I decided I wanted to act like a lady. Maybe there is a point in a woman's life in which you feel some innate thing telling you its time to grow up. I started to really hear what I sounded like every time I cussed and didn't like it. I was tired of wearing black and fitting in with the guys all the time. In an effort to add polish and class to my repertoire I picked up a copy of Emily Post's Etiquette

The latest edition is much different from Emily Post's original. Post's great great grand niece Peggy Post revised the text some for the more modern lady. The book covers everything from dating and wedding etiquette to proper driving and cell phone manners. As a creature of habit I swear from time to time and interrupt people when I am excited about the topic of a conversation, although, I do my best to keep in mind what I have learned. We all make mistakes, it is up to us to conduct ourselves accordingly after the mistake has been made.

My whole take on what etiquette means is essentially making those around you feel comfortable. How terrible have you felt when you were at a party and only knew one person? My sister Connie has also shown me a lot about the meaning of etiquette. Connie was raised in the south. Every time I would go to her house I was offered something to drink, something to eat, made to feel completely comfortable. It sounds simple because, really, it is simple. Sadly, I don't see a lot of this being practiced by anyone in my generation. Especially people who would be considered on the "fringe" (tattooed, indie, punk, rockabilly...the like).

Even worse, with the invention of Facebook and Myspace my little sister's generation is even worse off. I doubt she or her peers even know how to have proper conversations let alone a proper phone call (thanks to text!). Yes our world has gone through so many changes and "progressed" quite a bit from Emily Post's time. I completely feel that her philosophy on how one should conduct themselves is not to be cast asunder as "old fashioned". So gender rolls are not as staunch as they once were, must we forget manners or the fabulous feeling one gets from making those we love or care about feel happy and comfortable in our home completely!?

I have always wanted to have a dinner party. Could I get my friends to rally around RSVPing and following a dress code? Probably not. I have watched one friend try and fail a few times(I know, I showed up in a nice cocktail dress when told to attend a cocktail party and was surrounded by jeans and t-shirts!). Why can't I wear a floor length dress that is fashionable for the time to go see ballet? Why is it that I am "over-dressed" everywhere I go because I simply wear a skirt or dress? Is it asking too much to have enough food and drink at a party for all guests (thats why we RSVP people!)? Shouldn't it be the hostesses' job to point guests to the food and drink area's? Shouldn't it also be his/her job to explain any particular games or itinerary for the party?If a person says "I will call you back later" shouldn't they call you back later, and in a timely fashion?

Have you been in a situation in which you felt a simply knowledge of etiquette could have helped out a friend or you in a bind? I would even like to state that I will be accepting etiquette based questions through my Formspring. So, if you are in a social situation in which you can't figure out a graceful way out of or through, please feel free to ask me through Formspring!

Thank you for reading!


  1. I try the same thing!!! I think I'll ask for this book for Christmas or something.

  2. You really should! I really liked this book. I keep it handy and use it as a reference in some situations.

  3. I'm inspired to go buy this book online, right now! I try to get as much information from my mother and grandmother as I can. I look forward to more posts about this caitlin! Just last night I was at a party where NO ONE made any attempt to mingle with people outside of the already established cliques. I was left standing alone, holding my beer. It was so rude and awkward. I ended up leaving early. For the same reason, I do not throw parties of my own, I am much too nervous of a hostess. Its sad when you can't depend on your own friends to mingle and be polite!