Monday, March 1, 2010

Le premier Mars.

I titled this post in french because of my bombed french test this morning.
I would have much rather stayed in bed and slept off the benadryl than blow my nose every 2 seconds trying to speed through my test (but not) so I could go back to bed!
The good news, I stopped by the store and pick up orange juice and chickenless chicken noodle soup. I always have trouble trying out new orange juices. I will only buy American when I can. I pay very close attention to where my food comes from. Most orange juice comes from Mexico or Brazil. Florida orange juice is U.S.A made (it even says on the carton!). I discovered that the meat from Jacks Urban Eats is local! 

Saturday I went and did a little shopping. Got a really nice t-shirt and a cute straw fedora style hat for spring. I got the most adorable deck shoes too! I've been really wanting a pair. I made a return at Macy's and had some money to spend there. I tried out Estee Lauders Idealist and their Night Repair. It smells good too.

 So far I really like it. I used to be a make up artist. I strongly believe that skin care is so much more essential than spending beaucoup on fancy foundation (which I have been wanting to try Jane Iridel pressed powder). So I spent money on skin care. What skin care do you use? Any one with normal to oily skin suggest a good cleanser? I love discovering products that actually work!

Don't ya think this is the most beautiful purse?
From Shop Ruche

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