Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vulcan Ears.

I am pondering letting my size 0g ear holes close.
Con (keep them at 0):
  • My ex got me some really cute plugs. I feel bad because I really liked them and I know he put thought into the gifts.

(Pink and black rhinestones)

(plain rhinestones on black)

(White on white. I liked these because when I don't have stretched ears I wear pearls all the time! So these were like my pearls.)
  • I like them from time to time.

  • They do have pretty plug jewelry

  • If I let them close its such a lengthy process to get them to stretch again. However it may be easier since I've had them stretched already.

Pro (getting rid of them)
  • I can wear fabulous earrings again.

  • I know its gross, but they stink, literally. I have to wash them all the time.

  • Recently I noticed if I lay on my plugs wrong they cut into my ear and now my ear wigging out.

  • I am modified enough. I've modified my arms and chest with tattoos. Sometimes I want to seem as normal as I can get. 

  • I have a lot more "normal" earrings than I do plugs (I only have like 4 pairs of plugs, maybe less). Therefore, I have more a variety of what I want to wear if I do choose.

  • I have to wear earrings all the time if I keep them. If I don't they get small really fast and stretching them takes time. Sometimes I just don't feel like wearing earrings.

I think its a tough choice with the pro's and con's. There is a strong case for both. Help? Whats your opinion?


  1. Pretty earrings win out every time! Also, the plugs make me think of butt plugs, but I'm not sure why.

  2. Oh god, thats not even the half of it! When you rip your (and this sounds bad before I even get it down on "paper") hole while stretching, after it heals, its referred to as "cat butt". Ok I think that just convinced me to take em out!