Saturday, March 6, 2010

Protest like its 1968!

Finally my post about Thursday! 
So I went to school even though I really wanted to stay home and rest some more.
Poli Sci wasn't so bad.  Before I got to class though my friend Bobby texted me asking if I wanted to go to CA History Museum because it was free. Of course I did! History and free?! I got my test from last week handed back. I thought the multiple choice was what would save me, I didn't really know how to answer the short answers, but the short answers are what saved me! So weird. I will have to take that into consideration for this next text on Thursday. My professor mentioned that if we wondered why there weren't a lot of people in class today there was a protest at the capital over the UC and CSU fee hikes and cuts. I looked behind me (I'm the nerd that always sits up front) and sure enough hardly anyone was in class. 

So I meet up with Bobby and start walking to the museum (he only lives 2 blocks from it and the capital). I said "wait!" and told him about the protest that we should go check it out! We walked over to the capital and we didn't see anything. Then we heard a loud collective "yeeeaaah!" so we walked around to the other side to be greeted by this

We stuck around for awhile and I noticed a lady with a microphone that said "Cap Radio". I got all giddy and told bobby I listen to that and that it was basically NPR. The lady noticed my excitement and asked if she could interview me. Of course I said yes!!

I was terribly eloquent and said exactly want I wished everyone would hear. Especially that I was disappointed that they would protest and get momentum and then stop protesting due to whatever reason. Its important to maintain a presence so people are forced to look at whats going on. Just like students from 1968, Davis students even got pepper spray shot at them for trying to march on interstate 80! I was also able to tell my hellish story of how my semester began trying to get classes and such and my disappointment in not seeing community colleges represented when they are being hit just as hard as the UC/CSU's. I decided I am going to get as invovled in this cause as possible. Not much about this economy has effect me or my peers until now. I intend on doing something about it!

 Then we went to the museum. Ate in the cafeteria which wasn't that bad and started walking around.
Indiana Jones' Jacket and whip! I was so excited. AAAnd it was worn in my favorite movie The Last Crusade!

Then while we were checking out Eames stuff upstairs we noticed a rustle downstairs. We walked down there to check it out and I noticed in the middle of a circle of people was Maria Shriver!! Our first lady! I was like Whoa! Its a famous person (I never really see these, you'd think different because I live in CA, but no.). She was there speaking for the Minerva people about women folk.
So we go out to the courtyard and grab us some real estate to watch her speak. 
Well the moment I look back at the stage I notice him! Arnold Shwartzenegger!! He wasn't as short looking as I had been told. That, or Mrs. Governor was wearing kitten heels for a reason.

I swear we were closer than this. Bobby's iphone needs to have a warning that says "objects may appear smaller." I didn't understand much of what they said. The acoustics were terrible. They had a ton of military there...ah hem...women folk in the military I mean. Tons of free stuff (Bobby was more than excited about that!). I had so much fun! A very noteworthy day.
Then yesterday I went to coffee with Bobby, he helped out a bunch with my math (thaaanks again!!). The mess of help with math is another post entirely (I wont write about you! oops just did in a round about way). I got a bunch done which is good. It's nice to have someone to joke around with and talk with about random things.
Did I mention I need an iphone? This was taken with one.

Its a new look for me. How do you like it?

Welcome followers. Thanks for adding. Looks like I have some goodies to put together for my first giveaway! Stay tuned! Today I plan on doing as much math as possible and resting. I am hell bent on starting this next week back in the gym! I can't go any longer! I also met a girl through school who invited me to go to a show tonight. I haven't been to a show in forever! I am really excited! She is a really nice girl and its neat making new friends. We have a lot in common (shot out!) haha.

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