Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 1 (Humboldt)

Day 1 consisted of a lot of driving. It was a nice day however. So nice in fact, my left arm is sun burnt and my other is perfectly milky white. I hate it when I am uneven!!!

I wrote Florence Nightingale quotes on the box

Her reaction was amazing! I couldn't have asked for better.
I got her a necklace. That store is friggin expensive. She deserves it though.
Goat cheese cakes. Soooo Delicious! Sorry for the dark pic.

Cleaning her apartment and drinking coffee at almost 12am.
Dad couldn't know that she is actually a SLOB!

Today is her graduation/pinning from HSU Nursing school. Her dad came into town early early this morning. Thankfully he is staying at a hotel unexpectedly so I get a little place to chill with her after festivities. He is kinda intimidating as well. The man has been in every brand of the military except Army, a Vietnam vet and from the south. With the most adorable accent. He is warmin' up to me....after 10 YEARS of knowing his daughter.
I am hoping all goes smooth and well.
No rest for the wicked however.
I don't really care for Humboldt.
Especially the people.
Time to do Connie's make up!

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