Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Joey! *Edit*

You know that awesome guy I posted about Joey? He is my BFF. My now running partner. Partner in crime. Joey just started a blog. He is a great writer and I hope you all go check out his blog!

Hint: Click the picture to go to his blog!!
Joey and I went on a pretty awesome run. Well, really it was a run/walk/sprint. It was a free for all fitness extravaganza if you will. Next time I will be sure joey brings his camera because we some pretty interesting stuff while running. In the end, of course, I murdered my legs doing lunges and leg lifts.

It must have been field trip day because there were classes everywhere. Sutter's Fort, the Capital building. It was sort of over cast and drizzling off and on. Such a beautiful day (I am weird). Today, I thought to myself, I really enjoy living in a Capital city. Deep (ok, not so deep) in my heart I love history and here in Sacramento is the epicenter of California's history. I see all the kids darting around and playing on the Capital lawn having fun, learning history, without even realizing it! Come on, I am sure most of us look fondly on our field trips to places of historic interest. At least I do!

Work was entertaining (I could say entertaining since I am trying to say positive things about work. However, work EFFING SUCKED!). As a result of work being poo I declared Wednesday's as "Gin and tonic day" to ease into the remainder of the week and as an attempt to unwind after all that craziness that is my Wednesday.

I painted my nails yellow and drank wine. Still not sure about the yellow (which I would share with you if my computer were not being a butt). We shall see how I feel about it. Tomorrow is meetings in the office. Thank god this week is almost over. Is it pay day yet?

Happy hump day! (eww)


  1. How fun! And I used to love Sutter's Fort as a kid. Now I think it's a little creepy.

  2. Good to know I'm not the only one who always thought "Hump Day" didn't really sound appropriate!
    I hope work gets better the rest of the week!

    Love and Turtledoves,