Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Taking over Midtown

I have been doing a lot of this lately.
Mainly with Joey, my partner in crime, sometimes Rose or a few others like to wreak havoc on Midtown.
It's about time.
I am tired of the hipsters that have invaded Midtown like a pack of rabid rats on bicycles using their Tom's shoes as breaks because they have no others (angry much?)!
I love the loungy, kick back, slow paced, sunny days of Sacramento. When paired with great friends, I realize how much I can stand living here in tree city.
A lovely yet distorted picture of Joey and I.
We both love Reba, which these roses were named after her.
Then Joey had to say "holler" for the 8943 time and ruin our pictures.

So I may have smacked him in the eye a little bit.....on accident!

and he may have choked me back.

Its a scary drag queen on a condam. Random huh?

Matt enjoying (ok, not really) a beer. Joey wanted to go to the gay bar we frequent.
It happened to be their white trash party (hence the lawn chair).

I am really bummed out today. Tip for everyone out there in college. Never start your day off by check your grades. I thought I was doing really well in political science and found out I only got a C! I can't believe it. I am still excited though. Wednesday's are usually my most dreaded day of the week. It is the day that I have to work with the 1 kid that does NOT have autism. He has PDD, which is more behavioral with a slight speech problem. I usually spend the around 4 or so hours with him taking data on his bad behaviors and some how get things done. My company should not be there. All we do is baby sit and help him with homework. Anyway, I typically also spend that time getting my ass kicked by him. Literally. Kicking, hitting, pinching....the works. Its my most stressful day. So I have decreed that Wednesday's are gin and tonic days. So my other friend that works with "challenged" kids, Her roomie Lesley, Matt (pictured above),  and myself are all going for a drink. I love having something to look forward to!

What kinds of things are you looking forward to this week? Do you have any weekday reinforcement to keep going set up like myself?


  1. I used to have a kid like that. So stressful and I felt like I had no help. Sigh. Looks like you had fun in Midtown.