Friday, June 25, 2010

I Had a Rough Day at Work.

So I felt like writing about it. I don't write about my work very much. Mainly I don't want my personal opinions to piss anyone off that has seen autism. Everyone has their own opinions, right?
  Preface: I really love my job. For the most part, the kids are pretty amazing. I get pretty good pay. I can show my tattoo's in all of the houses I work at. I really couldn't have asked for anything better. I have developed my own personal interest in autism as a result. That being said...

Sometimes, I want to start freaking out on their families. My current irritation at work is this one boy, I will call him Bob. Bob's parents decided it was a fantastic idea to get him an iphone. For an autistic kid this is freaking poison if not used in the right way. The right way would to only give Bob his his iphone when he does something he is supposed to or has been asked to do (use the potty, he is 6 and still in diapers, complete half a puzzle, etc.). However, little Bob is given this iphone as often as he wants it (which for an autistic kid is like all the time). The family thinks he has learned something. No! Bob is mimicking things that he has heard over and over and over because he likes to "stim" (autistic terminology for "stimulate") off them. Its even worse now that this 6 year old autistic boy has got a spiffy new IPAD!!!!!!!

You don't have to watch the entire thing. Please scan through it. This is what my job is. The lady on there is actually the woman who developed the method I teach my kids.

Now that bob's older brother is his babysitter its as if I am working with a spy in the room. If Bob gets mad because I am taking away his iphone or ipad in order to teach him to identify a picture of his mom, put together a puzzle, or go to the bathroom, mom gets a call. This family likes to cancel program early because Bob is "getting too upset because I am making him do so much." Like pee in a toilet? Stand up? Sit down? GRRRR! I want Bob to learn!!!! I probably shouldn't get too emotionally invested. When I get in a room with these kids I can't help but root for them to succeed. I want him to get out of diapers. I want Bob to hand me a picture of his mom. I want Bob to be reinforced by tickles or something tangible, not the flashy box! I see the vast intelligence deep in them hidden behind that fog. All my efforts are futile because the second I leave that house the boy is left to his own devices until another tutor comes in on Tuesday. Uhh Bob, I do care! I don't want to. I so miss your last baby sitter. 

I am really curious; do any of you out there know or have been around autistic children/people? What were your experiences? What were your thoughts? I am DYING to know.

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