Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Design Help Needed!!

I have a ton of these fantastic hankies I inherited from both sets of grandparents. Originally I had wanted to do this fabulous method of displaying(at least my favorites since there are so many) them via Martha Stewart:
(Via Martha
So I went ahead and hit up Ikea and bought the Clips frame. I couldn't find a picture of the size I have for your visual pleasure but I can do you one better! Here is what happened:

So, either the handkerchief was too big and spilled out the sides (the next size up in these frames would not fit. Unless I wanted there to be negative space. Or the frame was not a perfect square and was more rectangular).

It was so big I thought maybe I would fold it.
I don't want to turn these into pillows. I just don't use throw pillows that much.
I can't think what to do. I would still like to frame them how Martha did, but with what frames?! I can kind of tell some of her frames vary in size a tad which I wouldn't mind. But the larger frames are much larger or, as I said before, more rectangular.
Uhhhh. Help?

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