Monday, July 26, 2010

Remember This? (Your Help Needed)

My desk. Its an Ikea, so it didn't cost me too much. During the few moves that she has been through my little desk has gotten pretty banged up. But I am just torn on what to do to it. I have some chalk board paint that may be fun to paint it with. Or, I can even just repaint my desk white.
Some inspiration:

I love a good mix of vintage and modern. Do you have any suggestions? I just can't decide.


  1. Painting your desk with chalk board paint would be really cute! I've thought about doing that to mine before. I love the idea of being able to draw and scribble thoughts all over. C:

    Also, you could Modge Podge some patterned scrapbook paper over the top. It always turns out so lovely. You can find a few examples in the Before & After section of Design*Sponge.

    I bet your desk will turn out great!

  2. Thanks Allie! I forget stuff all the time so it would be nice to write all over it! That blog you linked is adorable too. Will def. be posting after pictures.

  3. You're welcome! I can't wait to see your desk once it's done!

    xoxo, Allie.