Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mid (almost) Week Update.

I have been eating like a queen the past few days. And low cal no less!

Turkey meatloaf with mashed potatoes.
Click  for recipe via Real Simple
I of course destroyed all the good my DELICIOUS  low cal meals did with a 
handy dandy root beer float.

gnocchi with roasted cauliflower and Parmesan cheese.
Recipe at Real Simple
I have been so busy lately it feels. Sort of mentally preparing for school to start in a few weeks. The biggest change thats going to happen is I am moving into my own place! I am a ball of mixed emotions that change faster than my hair color did when I was a teen. One minute I am super excited; the next I am scared out of my mind! The best I can do is do my best and don't worry. No apprehension with the roomie. I am so excited to live with her! Rose is the bestest bestest! I am sort of excited to see how many books total we have. 

Been watching the first season of Mad Men. I am in LOVE. I have come to the resolution that Rose and I need to have a Mad Men themed house warming cocktail party. 
I am trying to pick up as many extra hours at work that I can to afford the move. Still loving the job, the good and the bad. Its rough to see some of the horrors these kids do live in. For me the most difficult part is the feeling of helplessness and frustration that CPS is so inept nothing can be done. 
Did I mention I HATE ants?


  1. I'm starving, and these dishes have been putting my gas station (ampm) food to shame.

  2. These dishes put those crazy stomach exploding "meals" to far worse than shame, sir!