Sunday, July 11, 2010

Zombie Crawl...SUCCESS! (picture heavy!!)

James, me, Kathy's beau, and Jimmy 

Went over to Jimmy's before the crawl to get ready. Its official that I wont be doing any kind of anything concerning FX make up and blood with out Jimmy. He is a genius with all that!
How ever it was not cool when he shot faux blood right in my eye from a syringe. Stingy.
Jimmy adding a realistic looking bite to his lady Lesley's shoulder.

ZOMBIE TEXTING! I thought was so funny seeing all these zombies running around shuffling and moaning only to bust out a cell and text.

Zombie Jimmy got stuck bumping into walls (and leaving blood on them). I promptly redirected him.

Just before we left the house.

Group shot!

Just before we started on our zombie shuffle.

Children of the damned!!

This kid was awesome!

These people were hilarious! They were so grossed out by the amount of blood on me and Jimmy. Notice the girl clutching her white purse? I'd pour blood on my hands and shimmy over to the most grossed out, moan and whip blood on them. Man they'd get pissed! It was great!

I love the blood dripping out of my mouth. Now we had a more tolerable blood that was edible and mint flavored...THAT WE LEFT AT HOME! uh! So I succumbed to peer pressure and popped some of the regular (mouth numbing might I add) faux blood we did bring along.

Pyramid brewing Co. had a zombie discount. We were bummed there were no brains on the menu.
Waiter: Can I get any food for you guys?
Me: Um, yeah. I'm not seeing any brains on the menu. Is there a cannibal section I am missing?
Waiter: (stands in awkward confused silence) Yeah I'm not really getting the joke.

Cheers to the best night I've had in SO SO SO VERY VERY long.
If only I could dress as a zombie and rage around downtown everyday.

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  1. How hilarious, that is really awesome! I'd love to join a zombie walk, I'm gonna see if there is one local. It just seems like a crazy awesome time :]

    Love and Turtledoves,