Sunday, November 7, 2010

Letter to Myself

- Times have been tough lately. Particularly with school. I love that I wrote this almost a year or so ago to myself. Every time I am cleaning out my computer I come across this letter and it makes me feel better-

Dear Caitlin,
 You are pretty amazing. When I look at pictures of you I see the light of the world. You are extremely ambitious and that is fantastic! When you set your mind to something you go for it no holds bar and that is truly an admirable quality. You work so hard to be the best person you could ever be. You work so hard to learn from every aspect of life the good and the bad. As a result of this fact I feel that you are completely courageous! I would award you a medal of valor! You get so upset because you feel that life would be so much easier if you were blind to certain facts and truths about the world and society, you get so down on yourself trying to blind yourself from these things. Stop! You should be proud that you see what so many others cannot. Sure its a burden to be carried heavily, but you were born to fight for those who are unable to fight for themselves. Maybe you don't write a book like you thought you would in 8th grade creative writing class. But you will amount to something as a result of your whole hearted effort. Regardless of who is at your side. You are extremely strong, that is a blessing in disguise I know, but you must believe it is a very good quality that you posses.

You should be proud of the body you have. You are in the best shape you have been in since you were a kid! You quit smoking all by yourself! That takes a lot of strength, determination and discipline! So many have failed at doing just that, but you did it! Not to mention you run all the time. Don't get so down on yourself for the amount you do. Consider it against what you used to do…NOTHING! Don't be so concerned with the future. Just enjoy right now. Work on you and your relationship with god(or whoever). Work on having hope and faith and letting go of the reins. Go with the flow! Everything is going to be ok. Even when the worst events happened in your life you lived! It is true, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger( I promise!). Hold on to hope for the future! You were rewarded once before, maybe you will be rewarded again the second you completely stop thinking about EVERYTHING so much.

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  1. This is such a great letter. I hope things get better. You better listen to it because you are a great person!