Friday, November 26, 2010


I'm thinking about fashion right now. There are few things I still feel completely lost, confused, out of the loop on...

Belts. What the hell are you supposed to do with them?! I see them. I LOVE them. I understand they are supposed to be used to make your waist look all little. Every time I go to a store I peruse the belt section. I check em out, think of what I have at home that may work with them, and then walk away empty handed. Not to mention, I have dropped 2 sizes (10 to a 6! I am really proud I worked hard) yet I still have a bad habit of picking up a size or two too large.

Accessories. I don't know how to do them. My mom and grandma both wear a TON of jewelry. I think as a result I am paranoid I am going to look like some Jersey shore trash if I wear too much. So I just opt out completely. I, again, see outfits put together and plan on buying a necklace or just one or two pieces every time. But when I am confronted with the sea of options out there I have no idea where to go!

 Does anyone else have this problem? Hope you all aren't too stuffed from Thanksgiving.

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  1. I'm lost on belts and accessories makes me feel like a bad girl that I don't know how to wear either!