Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Movin On Up!

Jacket: again with the cousin present. Tulle.
Hoodie: Ralph Lauren. X-mas present from my pop
Mustard T-shirt: Gap on sale for something like $5!
Skinnies: Gap. $60. Pricey but I LOVE them
Boots: Lohmans. $80
Scarf: hand knit by yours truely!

I recently came across some fashion inspiration. I don't remember where I saw it. A girl wore this scarf that looked like a bow. I was pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to duplicate the look on my own. Looking back I have come a long way considering my fashion sense. I should post some pictures of how much its changed (it would at least be a laugh for me to see in one spot). I love cold weather because I feel you can experiment more with clothing. Here in California it gets so hot its difficult, at least for me, to do something when you don't feel like wearing any clothes.

So much work to do. I need to do a ton of research for my primate culture term paper and finish up my map assignment. When I put it like that it doesn't seem like a lot of work. But man, that term paper. The compiling of the research is whats kickin' my butt.

I am looking forward to break. Hopefully work some more. I want to spend some time making my place a home before spring semester starts. I feel it needs it. Brining my bubby Raybeez home will make everything so much better! I miss him more than ever! He is so cuddly and its so cold!

I have pre-bought tickets for the Harry Potter premier in honor of my dear friends birthday celebration. I am so so very excited. I may go crab fishing on Saturday with my new beau's dad (yeah, he is great. Things thus far are pretty incredible).

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