Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let it Snow

Shane and I visited his sister who lives in Tahoe a few days after Christmas. It was fantastic! Sadly, we had to head home earlier than planned because I am a ruiner of most things and got sick. I feel so lucky to have found a guy with such a great family. We are welcome back whenever we want. Hopefully before math homework takes up my weekends we will make the trek back.
The drive up was BEAUTIFUL! It was the perfect day to go.

We cannot take credit for the making of the snowman

A goof ball such as myself. 

Snow angels!!!

I had such a fantastic time! I feel much better health wise than I have the past two days. I am hoping to be right as rain by Friday for the NYE pie party I am having inspired by these guys. Tomorrow is jam packed with stuff to do. Pre party cleaning, planning my outfit, researching recipes and shopping for them. I love being a hostess! Hope you all have fantastic new years!

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