Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Weekend

Sad its over. Last week kind of seemed to drag on. Some highlights of the weekend

Saturday: I finally found a couch! I have been in search of the perfect affordable couch for what seems like forever. In the process I have learned I am more picky than I thought when it comes to furniture. My last couch drastically needed to go! Painters tape holding the stuffing in and its lovely hint of au de cat pee (she was not as yuck when I first got her). I was excited by the idea of liberating myself of this thing! I had visions of tossing it into the dumpster in my ally with triumph! Shane is actually going to take it to replace an even worse off couch they have in their band practice space. Good riddance! My new couch has some "character", for only $150 of course it would! The best part, its an awesome Crate and Barrel couch!!! The old couch isn't gone yet as you can see. It was one hell of a chore to get this thing into my apartment. The jerk, loud, dumb etc. neighbor ended up helping us carry it. I hope this doesn't mean I have to be nice to him. Maybe I will when he starts to keep it down on weekdays past 10:30pm.

Disregard the one sock. I was changing shoes when Shane took the pic
Sunday: BRUNCH! A new weekly tradition. This time it was battle of the quiches. I'd say mine completely won! Pretty much any Paula Deen recipe turns out to be a crowd pleaser. Who doesn't love a hash brown crust?! Shane "made" some biscuits. I love putting a ton of butter and honey on them! Next week Jimmy talked about making some insane potato thing. I think I am going to make chocolate chip pancakes and apple cheddar muffins using this recipe minus nasty raisins plus cheese.

In between all that Shane and I did a lot of stayin home and double datin'. I got him hooked on Ghost Whisperer (shut up. Everyone has their dirty secrets!). He always says "its ok", watches it, and at the end of the disk asks all ashamed if there is another one to watch. Tomorrow I take my first math test of the semester. I am super nervous. I am pretty confident I will pass. Jimmy helped me out today at brunch with some problems I had issues with. Everything will be ok. I will just repeat my favorite motivation quote a la Morrisey, "Do your best and don't worry."

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