Friday, January 28, 2011


I have been blogging for a little while now and I've noticed something. First, I will preface this post with some facts. I pretty much treat this thing like I did my private Livejournal. The truth of the matter is not that many people read this. I've been wanting to address this for awhile but I was afraid that maybe I may come off as offensive, however, I am not trying to be at all. Here goes...

In my time spent searching through the blogger hemisphere I have come across some pretty rad ladies to follow. When I stumble or look for a blog I usually am interested in fashion (especially on a bargain), design, and DIY tutorials and such. Basic inspiration type stuff. I have found some really great ones that I am loyal to. I started noticing a strange trend amongst the blogs I was most attracted to. Most the ladies are LDS or Mormon which ever! They have the best style (that includes their writing style)! Adorable little families and great eye for design.

One of the first people I started to bug about how they have such a great eye was my ex boyfriend Aaron  (He never updates his blog but I figured I'd link him anyway) was raised LDS. He said "its part taught while they were young and part just plain ol good taste!" I just wish they would share! Come on, puuuhhleeease!!? These girls are freaking mavericks at layering (when your a Jackie who doesn't feel very comfy showing a ton of skin but still wants some pizazz, you can't help but love this!). None of these girls actually has a blog that shares the secret tips and knowledge that is the, as Aaron said best "cute mormon girl" style.

Has anyone else noticed that? I am sure we have all heard of Rock Star Diaries to name one. Who doesn't love the Boob Nazi! Hilarious! Or my most recent find Steoffrey. An adorable young photographer duo with the cutest baby (I wont let Shane hear me say that). Of course I love how the blog Sensibly Styled gives us a little help on how to put together outfits or where to find great pieces. I still would enjoy a blog that really breaks it down for the simpler of minds like mine. There is also Chloe (and her husband and cute dog Moses) who has been crafting and redecorating her adorable home lately. I would also rate her in there with bloggers who have made me LOL. Sure there are non LDS peeps that dress just fine. I am just noticing an adorable trend.

Do any of you out there follow these blogs? What are your thoughts?


  1. I am LDS too! except i somehow didn't get that good taste/good at layering ability. I have been getting into crafting lately, but that's about it! and if I had style? I would TOTALLY break it down for you! I am with you Caitlin! People need to share their tips! :) hope you have a great weekend!

    p.s. me and boob nazi have known each other since i was 16. she is even more hilarious in real life! :)

  2. I was actually going to put you in there but for some reason I wasn't sure you were LDS. Editing now! I totally noticed how much you've been crafting lately, and whatev, you have adorable style (hence I follow you!). Fill me in!

  3. I really like your blog!!! I read it, and enjoy how you treat it like a personal journal.
    I also love Rockstar Diaries! I wish I had the super adorable lifestyle they portray on their blogs (the LDS in general....)!

  4. haha you are too cute Caitlin! You didn't have to throw me in there :) you are so sweet though! i have a couple of posts i am planning to do in the future, and i'll be sure to give info on how/what i end up doing! :) hope you have a great weekend lovely girl!

  5. I'm LDS! I think that's such an awesome thing you notice about those ladies. We are taught to always follow our talents and pursue them with passion. It comes out in all these wonderful crafty blogs (I am not one of them! I cannot even sew a straight line or glue things on properly.)

    Great observations!