Tuesday, January 25, 2011

7 Day Challenge Recap

I am a day late with this. So here goes:
Shane was a liar pants. I may have seen his pants on fire at one point. He told me that he only made it into a challenge to push me harder. Well Dragi, it worked.

I haven't weighed myself since last Sunday. Honestly, ever since I started running/ working out and eating healthier I have had an on again off again relationship with the numbers game. One second I am all about getting to a certain weight and the next I remember that I just want to feel good about myself, 10 6 152 140... it doesn't matter.

What I need to focus on is being happy with what I look like right now. I can't lie to myself and say that I don't feel better after most runs (lets face it some just suck!). I also need to dress and cater to the body I have now. I think all of us women can agree (especially California ladies) that there are a lot of pressures to look a certain way. My first step to that was accepting my inner Jackie. I have been doing a lot of family history research and I discovered I am a true Brit! I think I may take up after my homies on the other side of the pond and not obsess about weight so much. In my daily life I see ladies of every shape and size that are ADORABLE! I say to myself "well look at her she isn't a stick and she is ADORABLE" (Shane actually mimics how I say this quite well and said to me last night I pay attention to girls more than he does! He said, "Shane?! Didn't you see her?! She was ADORABLE!"). I never had a lot of really girly or close girlfriends growing up so I take a lot of inspiration from those around me.

So in conclusion I'd say the challenge was successful. I ran three days last week and didn't go a day (except Thursday) without some kind of exercise (I will post a lovely ballet inspired work out I used later). This week I am taking it easy. I don't feel one bit guilty for splitting a Twinkie with Shane last night!

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  1. GO you! Forget the scale and embrace your inner Brit. yay!