Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Photo Dump

First, on Friday it snowed in Folsom. I missed it by 20 mins!!
Shane's roof
Then Saturday Shane and I took "the girls", aka My cousin and his sister of the same age, to a tattoo shop and then to lunch.
My cousin Avalon. She is so grown up looking! I love it!
Shane's sister. I loved her sunglasses!

Uhh the slouching. 
Then there was the Myspace Montage.
More reasons of why I love this man so unbelievably much!!
After we dropped off Avalon; Shane, the Sister and I made some pretty fantastic scores at the Goodwill. I can't wait to take some pictures and share. I found a really fabulous coral skirt that needs to be hemmed and two amazing tops!

Later Saturday night we had a double date with Shane and I's favorite couple/people. One of my favorite parts of being coupled is having awesome couple friends! I have never experienced anything like it! From what people tell us, people like to be around Shane and I. I suppose thats what happens when you find someone you are truly matched with. I know I LOVE being around these two...
Amineh and Alex. 
Huss & Sass
Sunday morning Shane and I woke up and got our favorite doughnuts. 
Thanks Marie's Doughnuts!!
I have a terrible addiction to the cream filled ones. I am extremely picky about having real whipped heavy cream on everything. These are TO DIE FOR!

Shane and I are one day down from our normal visiting time. Sundays he works on Shondra (his Subaru).  Some reeeaaaalllly big things are in the works. Life changing things for me! This is going to be a crazy next few weeks. Tomorrow I am going to make a few finalizing phone calls and I will post more of the details. Here is a hint: I would  LOVE for all of my readers to get involved in anyway you all can!!! 

Hope you guys all enjoy our last few days of February (I hate the spelling of that)!

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