Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Favorites

+ Claussen pickles. In celebration of the new roomie we had some deep fried pickles. They were the best EVER! My roommate told me he was convinced the reason the deep fried pickles were so crunchy even after flash frying was because they were Claussen. Riiiight. I never really buy by brand. OH MY GOD! These are the best pickles EVER! Believe it or not, they are somewhat hard to find. Check the refrigerator aisle. He says they keep their crunch because their always refrigerated. I say they are made by magical pickle worker gnomes.

+ Coral Everything. My nails are even a fabulous coral.
+Wrap Sandwiches. Their so great! All you have to do is throw in some of your favorite things, wrap it up and go! I have been using whole wheat wraps. My favorite thing is to use hummus to replace mayo. I have also been cutting up one to two pickles (Claussen of course) and throwing them in. I can't wait to buy more!

+ The Buckhorn Grill. The owners of The Buckhorn, a steak house in Winters,CA opened up a few of these around Northern California. Thursday was the first time I ate at one. I got the Roadhouse sandwich (not pictured). Shane got this baby (yeah, that cheesy delicious thing up there). I introduce you to the Bacon Cheddar buck. Its the perfect size and the meat in there is so delicious and juicy. I am sorry for those who don't live in driving distance of this mouthwatering lovely. You can even order online and pick up at the store (you reading this Buckhorn owners? Sponsor me, and by that I mean give hook it up with the sandwiches, and I will write about your food CONSTANTLY!).

Thats all I can think of for now. This week has seemed to drag on. Maybe its because I am looking forward to things on the weekend. Do you guys out there have any favorite things of the week?


  1. I'm in total agreement with the first three! I always forget about wraps, but they are deliciously fun.

  2. hi there! i found you from the sometimes sweet blog. just having a look around yours, it's great. really pretty design. the buckhorn grill sounds amazing! (i live in england) this week has dragged a bit for me too..i think it's the weather!
    have a nice day! xx

  3. I love Danielle's blog! Thanks! My good friend Christina made it up for me. Oh Buckhorn Grill is so fantastic! I think they need to go world wide! Share the love! Thats neat you live in England. My grandpa was from Surry and my cousin is headed over to that side of the pond for summer to connect with our British roots! Heres hoping the weather gets better!

    @ Mandi, aren't wraps the greatest?! I discovered my boyfriends sister is also a Claussen pickle nut too!