Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Recap

More pictureless posts. Thats ok. Everything is about to change tomorrow (I mean, I don't know what I'm saying...).

+ Friday was calm before the teenage storm

+ Saturday I went to Davis for my cousin Avalon's 18th birthday. She invited me to join her and 10 of her girlfriends for a chocolate cooking class (which I give a thumbs up and a half). Then I helped "cater" her super fun dinner party with my aunt and uncle. I must admit it was fun pretending to be a real chef catering a private house party. Chaotic, but super fun! My dearest Avalon and I are even still getting to know each other more but I must say there was a sentimental feel to the night. New doors opening for her! So exciting!

+ Sunday, today, was chill. Thank goodness! Did a little grocery shopping with shane. FINALLY bought the dresser I've been eyeing at Ikea forever! Shane says he is going to put it together for me while I am at work.

Tomorrow we have dinner reservations at a fancy shmancy restaurant. The perk is Shane's adorable 18 year old band mate works there (kind of like a little brother to Shane). We decided to be super embarrassing and requested his section!  I got so caught up mathing and hanging with Jimmy and Lesley I forgot my plans to primp! I'm hoping for some time pre dinner. I am just super excited to spend some really special time with Shane. I am so excited about tomorrow! It feels like Christmas!! This will be my first Valentines day in 3 years I am going on a date! Maybe even ever! Two years ago my mom was my date, just us single gals. Last year I went on a motorcycle ride with my friend (aka, my ex who had dumped me weeks before v-day) and his roommate. So I am pumped to say the least!

Oh and just a note to those that follow; I plan on doing a "Friday Favorites" post every Friday of things that were my favorite throughout the week. I'll try not to put Shane on every Friday but it will probably be tough. He is so freakin amazing and typically does something to prompt "your my favorite" weekly.

Have great Mondays all!

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