Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baby Fever

This weekend Shane and I contracted a really bad case of baby fever. Promise we wont be getting pregnant any time soon!

Weekend recap!
 + Saturday Shane's band Plead the Fifth played a show (video to follow). I actually had a great time and even have a few new hardcore bands to add to my "like" list.

+ Sunday (today) we did some things around his house. I am coming to love staying in Folsom. Its really beautiful here (I'd like to do a post on a guide to Folsom visits). Mid afternoon Shane and I went to my friends baby shower. Here is where the trouble started. Typically baby showers aren't co-ed. Well Shane got a taste of all the "cool stuff" you get and we both have a feeling we'd be AWESOME parents. We reminded ourselves first comes love, then comes marriage...then comes baby in the baby carriage.

Then Shane and I had a relaxing dinner of pizza and root beer floats. Shane has never seen Step Brothers so we are going to peep on that. I love when we both have the same holidays off!

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  1. Girl - Baby fever happens. I blame it on the uterus. Just practice the act of "making" babies. Hah!

    Love you!