Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Favorites

Its back. I really like doing these Friday Favorite features (wow, say that 10 times fast). Here are a few of these weeks favorites:

Red Velvet Cake by Ben and Jerry's. OOOOH man. Shane took a picture of this while he was out at the store and DIDN'T BRING IT HOME! The next day he did (after I pouted forever!). This ice cream even has a cream cheese swirl!! If you or someone you know sees this ice cream have them pick it up. Delicious!!

Ginger Elizabeth hot chocolate. Gawd I feel like a fat kid right now all food. While at my lady date with Amineh I had some hot chocolate featuring chocolate from this local Sacramento growing chocolate empire. I am so happy they finally extended their hours!!

Fox 40 news sent by a viewer
Rain. I think most Sacramentens hate the rain at this point. It has rained for days upon days with only a day or two break. I love it! Its so exciting. Are the levees going to break?! Do I get to swim to work tomorrow?! I even just emailed my mom some info on where to pick up sandbags just incase. She lives is an area of Sacramento that should never have been built on, its all flood zone. Stupid builders. I love the sound of rain and the smell. Only just today Amineh was making me jealous staying home, watching Buffy and in my head I imagined her sipping hot chocolate. YUM! I am looking forward to non stop rain all the way through to Monday!

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