Sunday, March 20, 2011

A New Week a New Start!

Yup! Two posts in one day! Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet is so inspiring! All this week she plans on doing little things here and there to improve her life. This week I am going to jump on board and do the same. Here is what I'd like to start:

Nutrition: I have been having a hard time staying on top of what I eat lately (especially being sick still). This week since I have access to a nice big kitchen I am going to attempt to cook healthier low cal meals.

Exercise: Walking and jogging. Shane lives in an area with quite large inclines so I don't think running would work just yet. Since my lungs are still recovering from the pneumonia I want to take it easy. And in down time, sit ups and ballet. Summer really is on its way as Danielle says...

Relationships: Spend more time checking in. My two best girlfriends Christina and Amineh are great gals! I feel like I don't check in with them enough since we are all so busy. I plan on texting more, chatting more and hopefully stealin some girly coffee time.

Creativity: Write more. I love writing and now that my energy is coming back I'd like to spend more time just writing.

Me-time: I have really slacked on this area since being sick. I haven't done my nails in forever or the little beauty things that made me feel better about me! I plan on doing all those things this week. Maybe even picking up a Lush bath bomb!


  1. maybe i should jump on board with this! sounds like a great idea :) i also wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog post. it means a lot to me. you are so sweet. i hope that things get better for you too! :)

  2. I LOVE these..especially the "checking in" part- I so need to focus on that. Maybe next week! ;)