Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Favorites

Its that time of week again. I'm stoked I have been relatively consistent with these posts. I should probably start writing down some of my favorites throughout the week though. I have a terrible memory and find myself somewhat straining to remember what I wanted to add. Here is what I remembered this week.

Great weather! Spring has really come to Sacramento. I am a puss when it comes to heat though. Todays temps got me feeling a little uncomfortable. I am originally from the SF bay area so I like nothing higher than 75 or foggy. I have been starting to think of plans for picnics in Mckinley park (which is a beautiful park right down the street from my house).

Five Guys burgers. Holy moly these are delicious burgers (wanna sponsor me people? I accept payment in burger vouchers). The entire time Shane and I were eating these things I kept saying "these taste like homemade!" "wow! That bacon is so crispy!!" The only thing I was sad about was that they didn't have shakes. I really could have gone for a shake with my burger. So four and a half stars for now until I see shakes on the menu. Sorry.
So Cheeesyyyy

Hanging out with my aunt on my day off. We had a really tasty lunch at her house. Just us girls chatting. I love chit chatting! Then she took me to Target and three thrift stores in Davis. I got the most adorable patio table at Target. At the thrift stores I scored a lamp ($6!!) and a great mid-century modern style end table (thanks AC!!!).

Yoga with Avalon. Monday I went to yoga class with my cousin Avalon. I've taken yoga classes before so I felt like I could hold my own. I was excited because I thought this would be a great way to ease myself back into my more tougher workout regimen. I think I was pushing myself waay too hard in that class though. Come Wednesday I was STILL sore. But I accomplished a few poses (like putting my feet over my shoulders. aka made myself a human pretzel) that made me feel really good about myself.

Thats all I can remember for now. I hope you all had great weeks and are starting greater weekends. I am stoked I didn't get pranked this year. I hope you guys went prank free. I don't really have any plans for the weekend. I'd like to hit the farmers market on Sunday. Next week I need to kick my running into gear. My 5k is a little over a week away and I am still running a mile. The weather will be milder next week so I will most likely feel more comfortable going a longer distance.


  1. Wow, I'm so jealous of that weather! Michigan still feels very wintry right now. I've never eaten at Five Guys before, but I may have to try it now!

  2. Well I hope you get some warmer weather your way soon! It cooled down a bit today. Was half tempted to put on the heater! Oh yeah! If there is a Five Guys within 50 miles from you I would most definitely check it out. So. Freakin. Good!