Monday, June 27, 2011

Life's a Party!

I just started following this adorable blog called The Crowley Project. Alycia started this fantastic concept to help get everyone into a more positive mentality called "Life Should be a Party!" I agree! The greatest part is that she is tackling the most dreaded, lamest, no good poo poo day of the week... Monday! I am sitting here right now completely bummed its Monday.

So in an effort to get more positive about the start of the week I am joining in the party!

To start I want to just focus on Mondays. Baby steps people. I have some really great plans for future Monday's in the works. This next Monday is 4th of July! Yaaay! Even better... we will be in Oregon! Perfect time to kick off a weekly party. So head on over to The Crowley Project and link up if you'd like!


  1. I love Crowley Party! Did you know she's LDS also?

  2. Rad! Yeah I knew. I always end up just coming upon cute blogs, read them for like an hour and then realize their LDS. haha.

  3. Mondays should be spent with copious amounts of chocolate. So jeals of your Oregon trip!! Pick some delish blackberries for me!

  4. Oh agreed! Maybe chocolate cake? I haven't baked in forever it seems. I forgot its black berry season!! There are a ton of bushes behind my dads house! Maybe this time I will be able to make something with them with out my step siblings eating them all first!

    Thanks for stopping by btw. Awesome blog you got!