Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Shane and I decided to road trip it up to Oregon to visit my Dad. We had so much fun. The weekend was full of motorcycles, planes, BBQ, and I even got to hang out with my little step nephew. We spent a lot of down time just laying about and relaxing. My family is getting ready to have my step sisters wedding on the property. I signed Shane and I up as a spare pair of hands for whatever needed to be done. Which ended up being hand digging a pond! What?! Yup! I was so proud! We even played a family game of croquet. Who'd have known Shane and I would have so much fun! We came home from Oregon a day late, tired and red as lobsters...but happy! I can't wait to go back again. I love spending time with my family in Oregon. There a few more pictures I'd like to post. Unfortunately I am far too lazy and wrapped up in mathing to upload them. So here is what I took on Le Instagram if you haven't seem em.

I am insanely behind in my math; which has stressed me out this week to no end. The apartment is slowly becoming a home. I am really excited. I will post more about that tomorrow. The roommate should be moving out this month and Shane and I will have the place to ourselves finally! I'm looking forward to this weekend. We planned on camping, however, Shane and I are both not fans of camp sites and are searching for something off the beaten path. I don't care what happens this weekend as long as its something fun and relaxing I am stoked! Back to math!

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