Friday, June 24, 2011

Short and Sweet Friday Favorite

Don't let the numbers deceive you. Its been 100+ or 90 the past week. As someone originally from the SF bay area who is used to 75 degree weather practically year round, I can proudly say, I HATE the heat in Sacramento. I've lived here for 10+ years and have never adjusted. Summer and I are not friends (and after the allergies I suffered in spring I'd say our relationship is also on the rocks). Thankfully I live close to this....

Found via google search. I swear theres more houses around the prison.
Shane, his sister and I are heading there after work to soak up the cool water. I can't wait! I am slightly upset that its ONLY going to be 88. As you can see the temps are going to drop (thank god!). So I guess in an effort to bring back Friday Favorite mine would be Folsom Lake.

This weekend is semi hectic. Saturday morning there is an open house at my friends daughters ballet studio. Shane plays a show on Saturday night in the bay area. Sunday dinner in Folsom with Shane's grandparents (I actually look forward to this, and not just because I don't have to cook!).
I hope you guys have cool relaxing weekends too! Any fun plans?

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