Sunday, July 24, 2011

Return to Romance

Maybe its because Its been awhile since I've been in a relationship or maybe for some other reason I'm unaware of. I have recently had trouble distinguishing a faulty relationship with reality and practicality taking over a healthy one. I forgot that relationships take constant work and communication. Its especially hard to know how to have a healthy relationship when you've never been exposed to one (thank goodness for my friends help!). So far in the past month I have learned that you can never stop dating your significant other. Its so important to check in and to pay attention to details. Its important to let loose and play a little bit, which is something I've loved so much about Shane and his ability to keep me young. The other night we had a date night. We went to the same mini golf place we had our first date. And he whooped my butt at mini golf....again. The entire time I kept having flash backs of all of my favorite moments with him so far. I had so much fun! I even noticed an improvement in my mini golf skills (despite the loss). Shane is in Santa Barbra right now. His band Plead the Fifth played a show at this pretty big hardcore fest Sound and Fury. I'm sad I couldn't be there to see him play on such a big stage in front of so many people. Thankfully I got to spend some time with my Baba since I stayed behind.

Tomorrow I get off early and plan on getting pedicures with Shane's sister (which I think so so rad we get along!). I hope to do a little something special for the Life's a party deal and in celebration of Shane's show and him coming home. Hopefully that helps to kick off a great week!


  1. How are you?! I need to email you. That's so cool that his band gets to play such an awesome event. I'm sure they rocked it! When I get back I am sooo going to see them play.

  2. Good! You should! Are you going to be home soon? I hope your having fun! It sounds like it from your blog posts. Sounds like you are having a pretty epic time actually. When you get back we gotta hit up Five Guys!