Saturday, February 11, 2012

Insta Instagram post

" I'm pretty sure they put saw dust in these things"
So much going on lately! Sacramento's crazy "winter". My rain boots and I need more rain to survive properly! Roller skating rink birthdays. I even speed skated during the "fast skate" and made 8 laps! Fried pickles at a new yummy BBQ spot Lucille's. Lastly my weekly 30 mile bike ride with Jimminy. Pushed through that migraine like a champ I did! Topped off by statistics homework backed by dramatic Russian classical music (which does an amazing job at distracting me with visions of pointe shoes. Definitely dropping in on a class very soon). Very appropriate!

I'm giving up for red velvet woopie pies and Mormon speed dating. You know... tis the life of a sassy single student! Happy weekend all!!

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