Monday, March 26, 2012

A New Start

Recently (like yesterday) I deleted my Facebook (as much as you can delete it because I was too lazy to email Facebook to wipe it from the face of the internet entirely). Honestly I feel really great about it. I never really understood social networking sites. When Facebook first came out you had to be in college to be on it and that made sense. Your using it to network with students in your class, student associations, and possibly professors you may or may not have questions to ask. When the rest of the world joined I thought great! A place to pseudo interact! You can ask opinions and questions.

Well, quickly I realized this is all really one sided. I felt like Facebook and Twitter was a bunch of show boating, "hey guys look at this latest shopping spree" or it was just angsty teenage attention seeking. I know very negative Nancy of me right? Can I also mention that I proudly only had 30-40 friends. I don't understand having 200+ friends. Do you really know that many people or are you adding everyone you've ever said "hi" to?

Anywho, I have all this free time between homework and Pinterest now that Facebook is gone. I figured those who enjoyed following me on my Facebook can do so here. Plus its way more interesting because you can REALLY find out whats going on with me ya big ol stalkers!

Here is how my weekend went via Instagram. Another place you can follow me.

(1. Delicious and fancy red velvet. 2. What Napa day date isn't complete without food?! 3. Some shots from ride to Napa plus successful color blocking on my part. Can you tell I'm proud?)


  1. Very successful color blocking! And I want to go to Napa so bad. You'll have to tell me all about the trip and where you went. Totchos night soon!

  2. I hated Facebook for so long and refused to join. But like everyone I did. It seems so pointless to even check now. It's just everyone's instagrams and links.
    Oh and this cupcakes look amazing!!

  3. @Caitlin, seriously! I had so few friends on there my feed was clogged up with the few pages I "liked" and those stories were generally uninteresting.

    @Tiffany, or Pho. I will always love me some Pho. Or we could go totally different. Girl, Napa is your town. Its all FOOD!