Sunday, June 3, 2012

Home is where I'm alone with you

I had the most amazing weekend let me tell you. I went up to the LDS young women's camp with a friend and his families ward to open up the cabins and other service projects. We got there really late. Naturally we headed straight for the fire pit with our s'mores fixins. Best. s'mores. of. My. LIFE!!! Andes mints people! They are the best. But there is this whole process to making these things to die for that I don't think I could replicate. I slept on the back porch of the main hall. It was amazing. The moon was huge and you could barely see any stars. After cleaning dishes, eating break fast, and sweeping and dusting 4 out of 7 cabins we took off on our own. We galavanted around this really awesome abandoned ski resort with magnificent views of Sierras. Who would have thought running around that place would be probably the most seamless and special moment I've had in quite some time. Spiritual. After that we went around a few other places in the mountains, went shooting (my aim sucks more than I thought it did), and ended the adventure with ice cold swimming. I literally feel like I was dreaming. I fear I am completely hooked on the mountains. Going up there is the best escape from all the stress and bustle of every day "city" life. I can't wait to spend more time there. Oh! Plus we saw our first bear!! I never want to forget this past weekend.