Monday, June 18, 2012


So much has been going on. This week has been really stressful. Of course my hormones know exactly what is going on in my life and kick in dragon time in full effect. So aside from my insta-dump here are some goings on:

- Sac state orientation down. It was kind of horrific. Very intimidating. But I am slowly starting to get excited to start school. I have settled into the concentration I like within the umbrella of psychology and that should be a very interesting journey.

- I got a boyfriend. A new one. He is amazing and I am completely smitten with him. We go on lots of adventures. Theres a song that comes on that makes my heart flutter and think happy thoughts. yup. Those silly butterflies.

- Summer school starts July 9th. Sign II here I come.

Transitions aren't supposed to be painless. If you can think back its a lot like growing pains when your bones shift around when your young. This may be tumultuous but I know someone up there is looking out for me and that everything is going to turn out ok.

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