Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I need to blog again.

I decided I need to blog more. Or at all in all actuality. Somehow I should find the time. You know, in between; class, work, personal life, churchly things. Last week I started CSUS (Aka big kid college). I'm in heaven. I can't really name anything wrong with it besides the walk from institute where I park and my classes is practically 100 miles and takes literally 15 mins and thats if I don't speed walk. I asked Sean to teach me to skateboard...in my case long board. The second complaint is I don't spend enough time there. I know right?! I am only taking two classes there and its a travesty! Both of my classes are history classes which have nothing to do with my major but I need them for graduation. I love the Well. Its a BEAUTIFUL gym. If your a gym rat and you died, this would be heaven. I have been taking the "Core and More" class. I LOVE it. Today was especially challenging. We used a Bosou ball to do burpees and a ton more fun/horrible things. Man am I going to hurt tomorrow! Thursday will be week 2 of 16 down. 14 to go. I am procrastinating emailing a professor I want to be BFFs with. A psych professor who teaches ABA. This could be my in to intern at the autism research center on campus. I think he'd love me and my 2 and half years of experience with administering ABA. I swear I'll email him tomorrow and say, "pretty please will you be my advisor?! I promise to be awesome and bust my hump!". Here are some pics of the blessed event. I swear I get giddy every time I go to school. EEEEP!

Legit status B!

Thats The Well. Its massive and I LOVE it. Homeeee!
Yay for a short week right?


  1. So busy! Good luck with your professor!

  2. you take some pretty id pictures! haha I feel you on finding the time to blog... sometimes it can be hard to find the time!