Monday, November 5, 2012

Mee Time

Last weekend my mom and I were supposed to go to Apple Hill together. Unfortunately I came down with the plague and our trip was postponed.  I woke up Saturday morning and was excited to go and finally collect on some apple goodies. My mom however was not as excited as I. So my trip turned into some me time. I even love the drive up there! Here are some Apple Hill tips I thought of as I explored around.
Last year with Stevie

1. Don't go to High Hill Ranch. Its one of the bigger and more popular orchards. It has a fish filled pond, apples (of course), and apple baked goods. There is nothing there you can't get at a smaller LESS PACKED vender. My tip? Go to Ables Acres. They have the best apple butter, bomb fudge, carmel covered apples, and you can get the famous apple cider doughnuts there while you have your picture taken with the fuzzy bears out front.

2. If you have kids there are a few seemingly fun places to check out. Like Kids INC. Sorry, I don't have kids so I haven't put too much foot work into this tip.

I love the apple on top of Denver Dan's

Apple dumpling and hot apple cider. Yum!

3. I love Denver Dan's. There is a guy that uses this apple peeler/corer/cutter thing. When he is done he plops the apple on your thumb for you to eat. This guy has been around a long time too. They have fantastic frozen pies (my favorite is the sour cream apple pie) and yummy apple dumplings. Don't forget the giant pickles (I did today. I was rushing).

Then I took a drive in search for a special place. I think I drove for over an hour in and around windy mountain roads. Sadly, or not, due to snow and ice I was unable to get to my spot. So I will continue dreaming about sitting on a ski lift swinging munching on apple cider doughnuts, drinking hot apple and admiring the snow capped mountains. "Mee" time is really important. I've gotten away from doing things on my own away from everyone. The drive up there listening to music, singing, and thinking was the most calm I have felt in a really long time. I highly recommend it!

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  1. Yay for Mee time! Did you know I went alone two years ago and had an amazing time just taking photos and being alone in random orchards. I loved it!

    But I do wish I could have gone with you. Sad.