Monday, December 3, 2012

Why I swore off weddings

Its starting to become a "thing". You know, one of those internet cliches? Every girl, married, single, and obviously engaged has a wedding board on Pinterest. I can't even tell you how many wedding blogs I follow. I could do some investigating and spew the numbers at you. How many pins are in my wedding board (:: cough::192) or how many blogs I follow (countless). But I wont bore you (or out myself).

Part of the reason is because in a perfect world I would DIE to be a wedding planner. A MFT friend of mine had me take some personality test for fun once. After asking a bunch of questions about what I'm good at and what I like she said something to the effect of, "so basically you should do something where you are surrounded by pretty things and dresses." Yup. That is what I dream of.

However, as a single girl with no prospects I kind of started to turn bitter. After I would go on these wedding "Pinges" (my own terminology for a Pinterest- binge) I'd just feel bad. I'd think why can't this be me? Dare I say I angry pinned?! HEAVENS! I made the conscious decision to halt my wedding pins and obsessions. Just because I'm single doesn't mean I should obsess or even aspire to have these insane weddings. I want to spend this time enjoying every moment I can get with myself.
Via (the amazing! Sloan Photographers)

Needless to say my fashion and fitness boards are really getting the love now. How do you guys feel about your pinning? Have you noticed any wedding pressure or push here on the webz?


  1. I never look at weddings on Pinterest but if I did it would be insane! I try to just stick with baby pins ha