Thursday, August 20, 2015


As a recent graduate, times are getting tight. Those loans are starting to come in and graduate school is on the horizon. Sometimes I need a"come to Jesus" talk to set me straight. So for 30 days I plan on only spending money on the necessities. My generation has a terrible habit of spending outside their means, and I am no exception to that. My ultimate goal is stability and not living paycheck to paycheck. Most people my age, especially college grads, could hardly dream of having a savings. Therefore, my greatest hope is to be able to save...for my dream vacay to Croatia! Ok, not really for traveling, for emergencies. Thats more adult, right?

First things first, I need to set short term goals and guidelines. Small victories led us to success:

  • Goal 1: Inventory my income and expenses
  • Narrow my financial categories: Bills, food, gas, etc...
  • Set a weekly and monthly budget
Stay tuned and wish me luck!

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