Saturday, August 29, 2015

Degrees of Light

"You don't need the Temple to have a happy marriage", was advice we received early in our engagement from a bishop. I remember sitting there, mind blown wondering, "why a bishop would seemingly discourage temple marriage." Now I get it. Of course in retrospect, on the very day my divorce is final, it all is perfectly clear.

As a convert I wavered with this temple thing. What was so great about it?! Why does getting married, or being "sealed", make any difference. At some point I thought, "Maybe being sealed does make marriages easier". At least thats what I was taught the past four years. If you get married in the "right place" at the "right time" You'll have a spiritual leg up on the marriage game.

My bubble was soon burst, as I realized that the Bishop was right. Just because one, or even both, parties may be attending church or going to the temple does not guarantee happiness. You don't need the church, or the temple, or a sealing to be happy. What helps is the Gospel and a close relationship with God.

People let you down, things don't turn out like you expected, life isn't static. It's when I was following the guidance of my Heavenly Father that I felt peace and happiness amidst such darkness. I still have so much to figure out. I'm not perfect, or a genius, nor do I have even some of the answers; but welcome to my journey anyhow.

*Freeze Update*
I inventoried my finances; both the output and income
I narrowed down my bills and expenses
Lastly, I'm working on establishing a weekly/monthly budget

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