Monday, November 23, 2009

Holidays and houses

Lately things have been particularly stressful. Aaron started moving into his house a few weeks ago and it has just been one hell of a roller coaster ride. It starts with the sellers being horrible! It's all just little things. I have been spending so much time hanging out with Aaron on Home Depot runs and such I neglected my homework. So as of right now I am hiding in my house getting as much done before the holidays.
My mom, Aaron and I (and my moms two dogs) are going to the South Bay to have thanksgiving with my family. It was so cute that my Baba (grandma in Russian) invited him! I need to get my bangs trimmed before I go down and clean my car. Sadly, I have class on Tuesday so that really eats a lot of time I could have been spending preparing for the trip. I never really realized why a 2 hour drive needed so much preparation. On top of it all I am cooking a few things. Now I did this to myself by offering it up in order not be stuck eating a bunch of Costco food. I am making mashed potatoes, a glazed brie wheel, and apple butter pumpkin pie.

My friend Erin's birthday party at a skating rink. I was helping my favorite little girl (Erins daughter Kathryn) learn to roller skate.

Aaron and I. We went on a trip to Apple hill not too long ago
My coolest cousin Avalon. My mom, Aaron and I went to her clarinet concert. It was amazing!

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