Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Con's

So I was thinking on the way home from the gym tonight, a lot of things people dislike most about my personality I really like. I figured sharing this would give you (followers/readers) and idea of who I am. I would also like to do a whole post about some of my quirks (pro's) in general but for now...

  1. I am loud. The only person that doesn't tell me to keep it down is Connie. Thats because she is equally as loud or more so!
  2. I think I sing decent. I have heard from lots of people I suck (including my mother when I was 16). So I rarely ever sing even for fun.
  3. I will listen to a song until forever! I always seem to have new favorite songs. When I "discover" them I will listen to them over and over. Or if a particular song pertains to a situation I am in...the same applies. La Roux- Bulletproof was played like 50 times on the car ride home. "This time baby I'll be bulletproof." "I'm too proud to walk away from something when its dead."! Uh! It just speaks to me right now with this whole break up thing!
  4.  I am intense. When I like someone I reeeally like them. When I hate someone or something I really hate them (which I may get over after awhile making my terribly silly). Sadly, I feel this trait gets me into trouble sometimes so I only like it part of the time. As a result I fall hard for guys at times. Obviously that gets me into trouble.
  5. I talk a lot. I hardly ever shut up. I used to talk to friends in high school till the wee hours of the morning! And even still have in the somewhat recent past. This trait really irritated me. I would get really embarrassed or concerned people thought I was a bad friend for not listening. Then, I had dinner with my Dad and his wife and saw it! He never shuts up! My dad hasn't always been a fixture in my life and I just adore him regardless (big post on him planned). So when I see things in me that say "see you are his kid!" it just makes me really happy. So I stopped being so embarrassed.
Do any of you have traits that others can't stand but you just wont break? Something that just makes you...YOU!?

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  1. you are funny, dear.

    i am a very quiet/shy girl at first, but once people get to know me...the "i talk a lot" comes out and i feel like it is a big change for people to go from me being a quiet girl a lot girl.

    my my.