Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just a few pictures.

I knitted a heart pattern into a scarf last weekend. Can you see it?

This is the face you make when its rainy and there is no where to go for piece and quite during lunch but your car.

I cared especially for my parking spot since it took me an hour and a half to obtain.

Friday night I drank wine with Connie via ichat. That got a little outta hand (I normally don't drink a 4 glasses of wine was not good for me!). But I laughed a lot. I needed to laugh. This afternoon I went to the gym. I lost 6 pounds!! I think I had plateaued with my weight loss. 
So I added some time to my work outs which helped.  
Tomorrow morning 10ish am I am bringing my Cracker Barrel pancake mix, 100% maple syrup and champaign for mimosas to Jimmy and Lesley's for breakfast! I am pretty excited.

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  1. way to go on the knitting! looks great! i love all the pictures.


    have a fun breakfast!