Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Makes Me Happy Wednesday's

( everyone else has these kinds of days...why don't I start... and what and Wednesday rhymes!)
So in honor of my first ballet class this is what I have been looking at and smiling about for the past 30 mins!

And another movie to see...

I am so excited to get started. I spoke with the professor (who is friggin hilarious, amazing, great, all those good things!) and told her I have taken ballet before and know quite a bit of beginners things. So hopefully the first 3 weeks will be a breeze. I hope to move up the latter rather quickly. I have a feeling there are some new friends to make in that class as well. Just a great vibe today. Aside from the lights going out 3 times during our orientation due to the high winds (up to 60 mph!!!). Back to oogling ballet pretties!

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  1. have fun at your ballet class! it sounds like a lot of fun! also, that movie looks good. thanks for sharing!