Friday, January 29, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday.

Lauren over at The Little Things We Do blog does this and it sounds kinda fun. So I thought I would try it before I head to the gym.

1.  If I weren't a    a dedicated student                  I'd love to be     wedding planner                    .

2.  When I'm super upset I   Take a sleeping pill and sleep.

3.  My favorite thing about myself is    my lips/how goofy and silly I can be            .

4.  If I found a $100 in the pocket of last winter's coat I'd spend it on   I'd buy it on dresses or save it for gas money.

5.  Even though some people might consider this a flaw, I love    that I can be dramatic, makes life interesting             .

6.  I love the way I feel    after I hang out with my friends and laugh really hard. Or after a really good work out         .

7.  I love my hair most when it's     been professionally thinned out and trimmed. Which needs to happen SOON!

That was fun. Going to talk to the Air Force and the Navy today. We'll see what they have to say.

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