Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to Survive a Breakup #2

Do things on your own!

 A lot of the anxiety and sorrow I experience is because we had all these trips and adventures planned. I feared that I wouldn't be able to do any of them anymore. That everything was lost! He said he would do so much to get my car in shape (provided I buy parts), camping, going to the snow, the museum, cook low cal dinners together (most of the things we planned I thought up to get some time in since he seemed to be loosing interest).

Well guess what?!

I can do all that and more! I can still go to the snow and go camping with my friends Jimmy and Lesley (Jimmy is a survival expert!). I still went to the museum, and had a fantastic time! I didn't feel rushed or concerned that Aaron was enjoying himself. I was enjoying myself and thats all that mattered! Not to mention I saw some really great things!! My car will still get spruced up (granted I may have to pay a little more than just parts). You better believe I will cook low cal dinners for myself! I will even post recipes here. I feel so accomplished when I do something on my own. It strengthens my faith in myself and my abilities to be a productive strong person!

If in fact you do tend to drift off into the dark side and start thinking about how you wish he/she was by your side, doing the things you are doing....STOP. Say it out loud or in your head. But tell yourself to stop. It is pointless wasting YOUR time thinking about someone else. I (and you) are good enough to have a perfectly good time by yourself as you would with your ex (who decided he wasn't interested in spending anymore time with you, and thats the truth, no hard feelings). Because the bottom line is, he/she just really isn't into you....but I am planning a whole post specifically for that line.

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