Saturday, January 2, 2010

New year.

So very glad there is a new year. I can't thing of too many amazing things that happened last year. Maybe three come to mind. This new year I spent at Aaron's place with my friends Jimmy and his girlfriend Lesley. It was fun. I love the champaign part. I even bought noise makers that drove Aaron's dog Kadee wild. It really was only a matter of time that she would bite me for blowing them so much. We didn't take any pictures. Which only really saddened me because I had a cute outfit on. Maybe I will just start taking my own pictures of my especially well put together outfits.

Last night I figured out how to use the video chat on Ichat. I talked with Connie for awhile. It was fantastic! And we didn't even use any of our minutes! There have been so many conversation in which facial expressions have been important to the story or we had to ask each other if something looked good for an outfit. Now we can!!!!
 I really don't have any female outlets here. I have girlfriends, yes, but I don't have girly friends. I can't call anyone up to go window shopping, or actual shopping. I don't have anyone to craft with (especially now that I want to make headbands, necklaces, and handmade cocktail rings out of flowers and zippers.) Connie is coming back in May. So now I feel that I will have that outlet yet again. I think women need comrades in that way. I feel that they are important for our sanity. My mom helps a little bit. But she isn't a sister like Connie is. I especially like that Connie can talk about woman's issues that I think about a lot
 She has a woman's emphasis on her nursing degree. Lately I have been having body issues. I know I am not horribly fat, but I feel a pressure to be what the media puts out as "beautiful" or "hot" thats for sure. I try and eat right and I go to the gym just about every day of the week (with one or two down days).  Today she made a comment on how she took a test and it said her figure was "womanly". Haha. Of course it is, she is a woman! But like she said, at least she wasn't a fruit! I think I am an hour glass. I think that means I am full of sand.
This is me last new year. My resolution was to wear more skirts and dresses. I'd say I held to that.

I suppose I should start my day.


  1. i think i'm going to have to steal your resolution from last year. i definitely don't wear dresses nearly enough and i love them. they always make me feel so pretty.

    also...i completely agree with you about needing girly friends. i love having friends to just craft with or talk about awkward girl things that i can't share with the hubs :). hopefully you'll find some more this year, because you never can have too many friends...well...i suppose you could, but you know what i mean....right?

    anyway, hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  2. Happy new year to you!
    All my girl friends aren't in town anymore so I don't have anyone to do girly things with either. :( It kinda sucks. But it gets better when you start doing those things on your own...whether it's window shopping or crafts. Company is the best, but sometimes spending time with ourselves is what we need!

  3. wearing more skirts and that is something i am interested in.

    hope you are enjoying the start of your new year!

  4. I can definitely relate to the girlfriends thing. At least there are blog friends! Nice blog lady.