Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Contemplative...and BORED!

Sometimes I wonder if I am spending too much time trying to fit in. It's possible. I spent most my life being on the fringe. I was never "popular", I didn't really stay in high school long even (I got out beginning of junior year and before that I did charter school essentially home school). I feel I censor some of the things I write because I don't want people to "not like me". Really? I didn't make a blog to make friends. I am one of the many who used to have a Livejournal. I like journaling with the added bonus of maybe "meeting" some really neat people into the same stuff (or not) as I am.

I feel like I maybe haven't really done anything for people to get to know me. I decree from here on out that I will write for myself even that much more! Because I am a virgo and apparently virgo's list like crazy.
 Love cats, but I'm not a cat lady...yet.

 Am too smart for my own britches as my granny would say.

 Am terrified of snakes and spiders. Even the mention of them evoke fear in me.

Can be a total hypochondriac. Its really irritating and I try not to let it get it me.

 Don't think I ever do or say the right things

Have an addiction to goat cheese.

watch horrible television, and love it! (Ghost Whisperer, Little Miss Perfect, too much History Channel)

Use my photobooth waaay too much. Observe:
These were taken in the past 2 days. And there is more.
Tendency to obsess over things (ie. learning to dance ballet, having adorable style/dresses). So what if I want to be the best I can be (or so I tell myself).

My favorite colors are baby blue, yellow, purple, and kelly green.

I waver from completely hating my tattoos (I have even done a bunch of research about removal) to just not caring.

I can't think of anymore. But I have a form spring. If you can think of questions to get to know me better do ask!


  1. Hey, you live in Sacramento? I'm from Folsom! Small world.

  2. You know, I noticed a post in like 07 (I like to look at peoples first posts, I guess I'm weird) that mentioned apple hill but I couldn't find anything that listed your location. super small world! I am technically in natomas.