Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mr. Blue Sky

Today was great. Ok, now that I've taken care of that lets get to the juicy stuff.
I really wasn't sure if I was going to make it to ballet today I am still pretty stuffed up and coughing a bunch. French was out of the question.
I hauled myself out of bed and made it to school regardless. 
I got a parking spot relatively easy (It usually takes close to an hour). It was pouring rain which was fun until I realized I had quite a walk with no umbrella.
I read and listened to music in my car while I waited for 10:20 to roll around. Everything was great, until a coughing attack hit me!
I coughed so much and so hard I puked (eww I know I know)! Of course as usual when this happens I felt so much better!
So I walked into class. We always start on the barre which is really low impact equals minimal coughing.
Then we did a bunch of floor stuff. It was so much fun! I broke a sweat and desperately needed to blow my nose from getting so worked up. But sweating felt really good. We did a bunch of changments which was fun. I think I need to get a better sports bra if we are going to be doing anymore jumping around.
big boobs+ballet= heavy duty strap em down sports bra indeed! (anyone have any suggestions? Maybe one of you has previous dance experience?)
I don't know what it is about ballet but every time I get out of class I feel super confident! I am not sure what it is. I am not amazingly good or anything, my turn out needs work! The vibe in that class is just so amazing (despite two cliques of girls, whom both drive me up the WALL! one girl was listening to rap so loud in the middle of us doing our barre exercises she distracted all of us and was told to turn it off!)
By the time I got out of class the rain had completely cleared and it was blue skies! I was not in the mood to go back into my sick people cave with weather like that! So I did the unthinkable! I ate out all by myself for the first time in my life! It was nice. I didn't have to rush. I read my political science text book some. I will most likely be doing it more often.
I came home and took a fabulous bath while listening to classical on Pandora Radio. It was so relaxing! When I was younger hardcore and punk used to relax me and now classical does?! What?! I am only 24 years old and I feel so old! But classical is so good and relaxing. I swear! I wouldn't mind getting old if I had a few things I had hope to have by this age. Poo!
Anyway the day was topped off by talking with my friend Erin and we decided to hit up a knitting group sunday morning/afternoon. Netflix brought me Ghost Whisperer making for an entertained evening.
I hope that maybe this is the kick off for some really great times here on out. The future is bright baby, and I'm wearin' shades! Now for the new Alcatraz episode of Ghost Hunters. Woo hoo!
How was your day? Anything noteworthy?

What I wore today (I'd say it was pretty cute!):


Good air, retarded arms.


  1. Nothing noteworthy. I aced my linguistics test. I lost a headphone ear bud and I just ordered several more, they should be arriving in the mail next week. On the lightrail ride home from school, I saw a man pass out drunk in the middle of the aisle, he had to be ushered off the train by police officers, can of beer still in hand... oh the homeless people near my home.

  2. What are you talking about nothing noteworthy?!?! The drunk on the RT is completely noteworthy! Man, this is another reason why I wished downtown. Crazy things happening on the RT is what life is made of! Congrats on your test!

  3. I am now following you from FF and hope you have a great Friday..

  4. You're the best... i wish we lived closer to each other.